Luna Kiddy 130


A fulltime Crypto enthusiast. Runs a local crypto community

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New to the crypto world. First ever token owned is Luna



Likes cute stuffs



Doodler. Creator. Normie.

Who Are We?

We are team Singapore & Malaysia! (S&M!)

Why Are We Doing This?

We see that the NFT space is growing very quickly in the Terra ecosystem, however there is a lack of simple, adorable, PFP based avatar NFT jpegs. NFT are often too complicated

What is Our Vision for Luna Kiddy?

Luna Kiddy will become a NFT that you can own and proudly rep and use as your avatar on social media

Luna Kiddy will be a no-maintenance, hassle free NFT that can bring you recurring benefit. By simply holding it, you get various benefits such as profit sharing and airdrops