What is Luna Kiddy?

  • Luna Kiddy is an NFT project of adorable JPEGs, and an recurring income generator

Why should I own a Luna Kiddy?

  • Luna Kiddy is cute, adorable and perfect for PFP avatar

  • You earn Luna by hodling Luna Kiddy!


How many Luna Kiddy will be minted?

  • The total supply of Luna Kiddy will be 512 only.

  • Collection 1 & 2 will be the OG Luna Kiddy Collection.

  • Even if there are new Luna Kiddy referenced NFT in the future, they are not part of the OG collection.

What are the utilities that Luna Kiddy provides?

  • For collection 1 - Luna Kiddy OG

    • We are distributing all the royalties collected from secondary market sales within 30 days from the release of Collection 1 back to all the Luna Kiddy Hodlers

  • For collection 2 - Luna Kiddy X

    • No Utility at the moment, but priced at a much lower price of 30 UST

Will luna kiddy be offering the same utility as the other NFTs such as Dapp gaming, DAO, airdrop token etc.?

  • We are exploring many of those with different collaborating teams at the moment, however we want to keep things simple.

  • Our guiding principle is that owner of Luna Kiddy can just hodl, not having to invest personal time to be rewarded. 

  • Let us do the work for you

What is the floor price of Luna Kiddy and how high should it go?

  • We do not control the floor price on the secondary marketplace. 

How are you generating more income for the Luna Kiddy hodlers?

  • Unlike most other NFTs, which only has a single source of income from selling the existing NFT collection, we will continuously launch new NFT projects, where a portion of the profits generated will be redistributed to the Luna Kiddy OG Collection Hodlers. Checkout the flow below to understand how we can reward Luna Kiddy hodlers